Name: Yusuf Nathanael Dauda

School: University of Ibadan


In as much as the lecturer is usually blamed for taking advantage of their victims, there are instances where the victims also play a contributory role in this form of abuse. For example, the pressure for sex for marks usually occurs when the lecture has something to hold over the victim I.e poor performance. However, this does not dispute the fact that there are also instances where the student performs well and yet the lecturer still pressures him/her for sex.  This can be attributed to a lot of factors. Factors such as how the person carries themselves, dressing (like it or not), or maybe the lecturer is just being vindictive for some personal reasons or some other psychological disposition among others.

The point is that the victim also contributes to their abuse, if you have a high degree of self-respect, do what you are supposed to do such that if you are failed, you can take up the case and have an ironclad argument to back it. The University also has its role to play in designing and maintaining policies that will prevent this.
Thank you.
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