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Is Workplace Relationship A Good Idea?


Is workplace relationship a good idea? Office romance is a tempting and presumably exciting experience. Two grown adults who find each other attractive and want to pursue love in each other’s arms. At first, it goes well then reality hits you as you realize that what if doing it is wrong. What are the long-term effects? What are the benefits? Is it worth it? Well, this post is here to examine the pros and cons of engaging in a workplace relationship.

The Pros of Workplace Relationship

You get to be with the lover of your dreams. You get to see that person you care about regularly and it builds the strength of your relationship. It also reduces cases of infidelity as you both see each other almost every minute and there’s no space to cheat. It builds companionship and togetherness as constant communication and physical contact builds strength.

The Cons Of Workplace Relationship

This affects the effectiveness of your work as seeing someone you love can affect your productivity. It can make you dreamy and distracted and if there are issues, it can make you unfocused and gloomy. It also makes the relationship tiring as there is not space. You guys cannot have time to miss each other and appreciate the presence of one another. It can also cause neediness and excessive dependencies. It builds unrealistic expectations and to make everything worse if it ends badly, working with each other will be a disaster. It can cause disparity in the organization as fellow colleagues might be divided into two camps for and against either party.

From the foregoing, we can see that the cons are more than the pros and if you will go into an office romance be sure that it is with someone that means the world to you. Be sure that your feelings are mutual and you both are in it to make it work. If you see it as a fling, it is probably not worth it cause it can have far-reaching effects on both your lives and the organization as a whole.



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