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Words Of Wisdom: Son, This Is Not An Illustration

I was sitting in the front row at a meeting. The preacher needed someone for an illustration and he beckoned on me. As he locked his arms into mine and kept speaking, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Son this is not an illustration, this is a relationship to pursue”.

I have actively pursued that relationship. It keeps getting better. The relationship has opened me up to new depths, stirred passion in me, made me meet more people and has been a huge blessing.

Let me pray for you first – May you not take a prophetic moment as a mere illustration.

You are nothing without relationships. Relationships are the labour room for the birthing or bruising destinies. Relationships can stir you into fresh seasons or return you to a mess.

The difference between where you are now and where you desire to be can be “just one person” who walks supernaturally into your life.

If a Samuel walks into a Saul, a faithful daddy’s boy can become the king designate.

If a Joseph walks into a butler, it may take time but a common prisoner can become a prime minister.

If Jesus walks into Peter, a struggling fisherman can become a thriving apostle.

But, if a Samson walks into a Delilah, a man with a promising ministry can end up a prisoner of his fantasies and lusts.

If a Jonadab walks into an Amnon,a strong crush can turn into a rape plan.

Access is powerful but we must never joke with relationships.

It can start with an illustration but end up as a fulfillment of the prophetic.

May your insight be clear.

May your signals be sharp.

May you not reduce a prophetic moment to a mere illustration.

Concentrate on God today so you can pick what He is saying to you- kill distractions.

God bless you.

Culled from daily write ups of Pastor Temi Ola of The Eagles Assembly


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