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What Went Wrong? – Top Reasons Why Relationships end

The Absence Of Trust There is nothing worse than dating someone whose words are hard to believe. This happens when your partner has caught you several times lying. Another angle to the issue of distrust is your partner doing nothing to warrant distrust yet you always question their every move. No relationship can last if trust is absent. You will never be at peace with someone you don’t trust and if you wrongly accuse someone it creates resentment in their hearts towards you. What went wrong? An imbalance of Love and respect This is a major factor and it happens when one party in the relationship overcompensates and compromises too much to their detriment. It causes disrespect from the other party and in the long affects the level of love they feel. It is hard for a person to love someone they do not respect and see as worthy. If you are hurt you and wondering what went wrong you most likely overcompensated and it turned them off. What went wrong? Boring and Monotonous Sexual Life & Laziness in Looking good Most times after a few months people tend to get too comfortable in a relationship. They stop doing all the things that made them attractive and sexy and end up getting tiring. The climax of the relationship isn’t the right time to get lazy, it is the time when your partner is at high risk of getting bored and you need to be consistent and fun to prevent this. In the bedroom, you cannot keep doing the same thing all the time it will get them turned off and might result in dissatisfaction. An unsatisfied partner is at risk of cheating. What went wrong? Communication Issues Communication brings strength to love and peace to your relationship. It is the most important element to having a long-lasting relationship. If you communicate well with your soulmate, the following issues wouldn’t be a problem. Tell them your thoughts, your grievances, your wants and all about you. Communication in the right way avoids unnecessary fights and reduces the tendency for distrust. What went wrong? The Most obvious – Infidelity There is something about getting cheated on that the cheater never understands. It feels like a prized jewel that you have been protecting suddenly gets soiled by external materials. It hurts even more because cheating is a decision. It is a conscious effort to break the heart of the person you love. This is what they can’t understand. A person that loves you has set out to give you their all. They can even lay down their lives for you, as they consider you to be their soulmate, but unfortunately, you threw it all away by betraying them. What went wrong? Now you know what went wrong and the top reasons why relationships end. Got any personal experiences to share on the issue of what went wrong? Comment them below and let’s continue the conversation.]]>

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