A lot of wedding ceremonies take place weekly everywhere in the world, the more people grow, the more weddings will take place. Therefore this industry is one of the industries that can never go into extinction. This industry is expanding by the day and it is constantly in need of new innovations and new ideas.

As a business owner or an aspiring business owner, this industry is a very green and fertile ground to invest.

Here are some of the best niches to go into if you are interested in starting a business in the wedding industry.

Wedding Planning

This is arguably the most popular of the niches in the wedding industry, this industry requires been analytical and perfect. You have all you need if you are smart and collected. Couples now employ planners because of how complex wedding celebrations are becoming these days.

You have to be good with project planning and management if you are going to be successful with this career. If this is the niche for you, then start getting the right types of skills. You can intern for existing wedding planner to learn the professional part of the business before you go ahead to take on your first client.


Although Smart Phone is now substituting cameras and photographers, a lot of couples still wants their memory to be on a hard paper or wood as the case may be. A smartphone cannot do this. Photographers are making it big these days because they are not just employed to take pictures in an event, most times they are to do that and create photo books and frames which are very profitable to make.

For you to get started you need a very good camera and some other tools to make your work come out perfect. It will be wise for you to intern with a professional already in the business niche.

Hair and Makeup

Every bride and groom always wants to look good on their wedding day, take this advantage if you love this business niche. You can offer it in a different way, you can offer to make the hair or make up of the whole bridal train. The offering of discounts and deals will get you a lot of clients.


The other reason for the attendance of any celebration is the food that is going to be served in the ceremony, therefore most couples are looking for great caterers, and you can come in here if you know about this business niche. Introduce meals that fit perfectly with the budget of the couples and make sure you deliver something nice, a referral is the best way of advertising.


Wedding ceremonies involve a lot of logistics, you can start a business of transporting anything and everything that will be transported during the celebration, find a way to calculate your service and start getting couples to pay you to do that because they will.

In Conclusion

All these ideas might not be successful if you are planning to do it alone, thereof get more hands and most importantly get experienced hands, it better to make less profit than to make a mess out of yourself.



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