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Watch Trending “This Is Akwa Ibom” Video by Danny P


It seems to be that Childish Gambino has unleashed a certain storytelling fever among Nigerian artists. Following the release of “This is Nigeria” and “This is Uniben”, a southern artist Danny P has come up with his own storytelling interpretation of what goes own in the oil state of Akwa Ibom. He titled it “This is Akwa Ibom.”

The video also follows the warehouse location style of “This is America” and “This is Nigeria”. Though shorter in length in comparison to the former as the video is barely over 2 minutes.

To prevent you from not enjoying it, watch the video below and let’s talk about it in the comments below. Is it as good as the others? Or should the artist have just made it an instagram skit? Share your thoughts below.

Watch This is Akwa Ibom:



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