There many strategies to make a business grow, but the growth is not in following all, but in working with the necessary ones and also making those strategies work.

I will be sharing some of the strategies that you can use to increase your business’s productivity and growth.

Track All Your Activities

Do not operate a business based on assumptions; get everything you need to know, on whatever you are doing in your business and what you will still do. Metrics are very important for your business’s growth; these are your profits, inventory cost, cashflow, sales, returning customers, e.t.c. These information will go a long way in showing you what you really need to keep or delete in your business.

Learn From Other’s Experience

Some people have gone ahead of you to do what you are presently doing, it might not be the same way you are doing it. You need to know about these kinds of people, study them and their actions, especially towards  their business. Also keep up with learning how businesses work in general. Try to get what is working for bigger organisation that can work for your business too.

Focus On Bringing Customers Back

Always focus on getting customers back every time you make sales. You cannot build a business based on a pool of customers that is reducing. Track your retention rate, that is the number of times a customer comes back to get your product. It is important for you build a brand that has loyal customers that will come back any time any day, rather just having new customers that do not return at all.

Make the Most Of The Internet

The internet is taking over everything, especially the social media. Find a way to be relevant online, that will really help you. Even if they people do not buy from you through the internet, they can follow you up to check your portfolio and reviews. Therefore make sure your online brand and image is looking professional and good.

Your Business Image, Your Business Life

It is very important to work on you brand and image to make people see your business the way it should be seen. People need to see your business as a successful, able to deliver type of business. You can paint all these pictures with what you can do both online and offline. One of the most important things to do is to have great designs anytime you need to push out anything digital, your logo, adverts, proposals and lots more. Let your product design also be superb.

Do not forget that the best type of branding is actually delivering what you promised your customers in your product. As long as your customers are satisfied they will always come back and many of them will also refer others.

What have you done this year to make your business grow, share it with us, drop your comment below.



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