Lydia Lawal of Federal University, Lokaja who shared the touching story of how she was expelled unjustly alongside 13 others has given further updates on the issue. Here are they:

Good day everyone. Thank you for the help received so far.

My first post was laden with so much emotion that little or no detail was given.

The head of the department called me to his office and in his exact words “there is a committee set up and I want you to talk to them as departmental president and as a member of the class that was not involved in the leakage”.

At the committee I was asked questions like what do you know about the leak, I told them I knew nothing and in fact, I had to travel to Lagos because I lost my brother few weeks to the exam. And I heard about it just as everyone else did since two students in my class reported the issue during the exam.

The driver confessed to the crime and mentioned the person he sold it to. My name was not mentioned by the seller or the buyer because I was never in the picture. The students involved acknowledged their offences.

I do not understand the university management’s decision because the two committees I faced did NOT indict me and some of the other students expelled.

Attached is the copy of the expulsion letter backdated by 7days.

The social media community on Twitter is in great support the movement with numerous supportive tweets. See one:



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