If you’re one of the UNILORITES (student of Unilorin), you’re likely to stay off-campus, especially in Tanke, Tipper Garage, Sanrab, Oke-odo, etc. You’ll have to agree that the following are actually what one should expect, and like some people advise, be used to in Oke-Odo.

Power Issues: you’ll have ‘off’ atleast twice a week. Or there’ll be transformer issues after small rain, and you won’t even have light for almost a week. Thank God for generator owners. Lol. There was even a time when going to school just to charge every chargeable thing (mostly phones and laptops), was trending. Wetin stidents go do biko?

Network Wahala: when you have 1gb that’s about to expire, but no network to make use of it. Very frustrating. Imagine holding your phone or standing at a particular angle in your room just to reply a message on Whatsapp, chats getting stale due to delay or sitting outside your room/hostel by 2 A.M just to browse (don’t forget mosquito and/ant bites).

Bush: Depends on the part of town you stay. Sometimes one wonders what lurks behind the bushes at night. Watch out for a snake! Some students have taken to regular snail hunting sef.

Thieves: this has become the order of the day, especially hostels inside the market side. Thieves don’t mind cutting your net to steal phones/laptop. Just moved to a new apartment? Beware! They might come to say “hello”. God help us.

Proximity to School:¬†You can practically see school gate from Total filling station, but still have to enter 50 Naira bus/cab to school. Ironic right? School gate is just that-gate. Class areas and lecture theatres are farther into the school. God help you if you don’t wake up early when you have 8 A.M class. You won’t get bus fast, and you’ll miss the class which means no attendance (except you have ‘nice’ friends). Few brave people have trekked the distance though. They must be descendants of the Israelites; they know how to ‘waka.’ LOL.

ATM Scarcity: if you want to withdraw, there are four options: enter bus/cab to bank area inside school (PS), use POS method, go to THE ONLY ATM available before Tanke junction (Sterling, besides Candidate Hotel), or enter cab to Tanke junction jeje where there are three banks. All options involve spending money, unlike Lagos where ATMs literally call out “come and withdraw your money, biko.” Imagine a situation where you’re dead broke, and your neighbours aren’t friendly, and Okada charges you 200 Naira because he’ll “wait…” Only one ATM from school gate to Tanke junction. It’s annoying!

Watch out for more interesting entries into #UniloritesDiary. Ciao!

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