In a previous post: ‘Popular Words and Phrases in Unilorin Dictionary,’ I made mention of “shunting.” If you haven’t read it, click to read: Popular words and phrases in Unilorin student’s dictionary.

Unilorin carries out clinic registration for its student in every new session, and for the past three weeks, the struggle has been REAL.

From previous posts, you should know by now that everything in Unilorin involves the dreaded queue that goes on forever.  You might be wondering why students don’t just ignore the registration process and save themselves stress, after all, medical attention can be sourced outside.  Here’s why:

(1) They’ve paid the compulsory clinic fee on gaining admission.

(2)Failure to register before final year incures fine of 10,000N.

(3)Why source for medical attention outside when you can be attended to in school?

(4)Every week day, 150 students are attended to, then the rest will be told to come the next day, and no-one wants to go through the ordeal twice.

So, the struggle is on as some students come as early as 6 A.M just to be among the first batch to be attended to, yet they still miss classes (e.g 8 & 10 A.M classes). Yes oh! It’s literally a do or die affair now.

“I never knew I could stand for five hours straight, I feel tired to my bones” a student lamented.

Do you know what’s even more annoying than the queue and waiting? ‘Shunters!’

This category of people will not arrive at the clinic early but will stroll in around 10 or 11 A.M. Next thing you know, a latecomer will squeeze him/herself between two people nearer to the beginning of the queue with so much expertise. This action leads to bickering most times.

“Respect yourself oh! You can’t shunt in front of me. Sho mo age mi ni?!”

Lol. The fact is the speaker is likely to do the same if need be. Funny enough the point of the annoying queue for the past three weeks has been to just write a name and matric number. Thassall! After which a date will be announced for the actual registration.

If you’re yet to register, one advice: don’t go on an empty stomach; you will sweat, push, be pushed, shoved, elbowed and what not.

UNILORIN: Better by Stress!

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