The sexual abuse saga involving an unidentified UNILAG student and an English Professor who is a former VC continues.

The school management has made a public appeal to the victim to reveal herself as the investigation will become fruitless if they are unable to gather more details from the victim.

The Vice-Chancellor of UNILAG, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe expressed the following in a series of statements made. In his words,

“If the lady does not come out, how will the investigation be concluded?

You must not hear from one side alone; you must hear from the two sides and balance the information you have before taking a decision and making recommendations…

We have our policy on ground concerning issues relating to the behaviour of our students, lecturer to lecturer and lecturer to students; and the policy on ground would be properly implemented.

When you talk about academic corruption, it is a global issue, but the policies to address it too is also on ground.

Anybody that is found culpable will be taken care of through the laid down policies,”

Mobizone Campus Life had previously reported that an unidentified female student revealed the alleged atrocities Professor Awonusi, who is a former Chancellor and Minister of Education committed against students. In a bid to back her claim she released alleged nude pictures of the professor.

Professor Awonusi in an interview with New Telegraph referred to her as a cheap blackmailer who had earlier requested for money by threatening to release nude photos. He explained that his phone was stolen and that was presumably how she came about the pictures.

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