A Unilag student Prince N, with the Instagram, handle @unilagpwins has revealed a shocking culture of “obtaining which is on the rise in the school.

In his words, “Obtaining is a popular word used by most students on campus. If you’re just hearing that, don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you. “To obtain” means to forcefully collect one’s property either by using armed instruments (e.g knife, gun) or using some strange or scary voice…(can I call this robbery.)”

He explained that a lot of people are reluctant to share their experiences because of how people react to it. Most students don’t believe them and always call them weaklings. He also revealed some personal experiences some of his close pals had.

A Unilag student revealed, “I was on my way home after we had an evening class in my faculty (revising for my forthcoming exams). I usually pass this road and something like this has never happened to me but I’ve heard of it a lot. It was 7:45 pm when I left my faculty and was heading towards the second gate when I heard someone calling. At first, I pretended to be deaf not until two guys walked past and stopped me. The first guy was like ” where u dey go?” and I replied to him immediately that I was on my way home. At that point, I noticed everywhere was so quiet and there was hardly anyone passing through that route. It was only the three of us there. Then I knew that I’ve entered into the lion’s den�. The first thing I thought of was the laptop with me. It was given to me by my friend to make use of, for a quick revision. At that point, I knew everything was just gonna disappear. I gave up.

The second guy told me to bring everything I have on me. At first, I tried to prove stubborn by not giving them anything not until the other guy showed me a gun� just below his belly. Well, I’ve watched lots of Nigerian movies where they make use of toy guns to rob, but I can’t risk my life at that moment, besides, that was the first time someone’s gonna show me a gun. Immediately, I gave them my 2 phones (with the charger�), laptop and my wallet (containing about 7k). I was just praying to God to come to rescue me�. As soon as they collected everything, they disappeared into the thin air. I was speechless. I didn’t even know when I shouted and some guys came and I narrated everything that happened to them. All they told me was to be careful next time, that incidents like this do happen, even on campus. Well, I’m a fresher. Maybe this is the way Unilag wants to welcome me�”

Unfortunately, just like the general problem, the guy was laughed at afterwards. This is an unfortunate revelation and we believe the school authorities need to pay attention to it. Unilag students also need to stop judging one another as no one wishes to experience something so devastating.

Are you a Unilag student? How does this make you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s talk.




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