University of Ibadan Medical Students Got Unofficial Letter to Vacate Hostel

In the midst of ongoing chaos at the University of Ibadan , the Students of the College of Medicine of the school have alleged that a letter asking them to vacate their hostels before 12pm on Sunday was neither signed by the new registrar of the institution nor written on the school’s letterhead.

In a letter written by the students, they further stated that the letter had no date. The students were ordered to leave their hostels after they staged a protest against what they described as “unfair introduction of professional training fee” by the school authority.

The students claimed that the fee, coupled with new increase in accommodation fee, was capable of making some of them abandon their medical training. They said the school authority recently introduced the professional fee, ranging from N75,000 to N100,000 per student; while accommodation fee in the school’s halls of residence was raised to N30,000 per student.

At the Alexander Brown Hall, University College Hospital, Ibadan, the students were seen leaving the hostel on Sunday as a result of a directive from the school that they should vacate the hostel after staging a protest against the new fees. While addressing the issue raised by the students on the signing of the letter, Oladejo said that the new registrar, Mrs. Faluyi, would assume office on Monday.



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