Name: Uche Anthony

School: University Of Ilorin


This has been a recurring trend institutionalised in Nigeria’s educational system and the world in general. It will be very otiose to assert that this absurdity is known to Nigeria alone without pinpointing other walls. This ridiculous act of indiscretion and irrelevancy has now eaten deep into the educational system which has made female students penchant for studying sapped and truncated in the long run.
The issuer and the victim have numerous parts in underlining the sex proportion for marks. But, the former has to be maned more points than the later in concluding the atrocious act.
What is a University? A university is an institution where a student gets verified and tested with basic dexterities to put and ready him or her for future purposes. I’m afraid the perspectives and aims of the university have changed drastically than it earlier dictated.
Where a student is put into a test to bring out the usage of their intellectuals capabilities and colossal knowhow has now turned into humongous bastardization. If you go to any higher institution today, you will find many a girl with different moral deliveries and comportment. If one says some ingenues are to blamed for their victimization, super fine and not cos the assaulter be it as it may be never thought twice before unleashing the deadly knockout which will sap and drain the morality a female student might tend to compound whether he or she is wayward or not. This is very affirmative. Sex shouldn’t be an option for mark extensiveness. The lecturer has his fault for demanding a quack demand which he knows full isn’t right but tends to go deeper and ignorantly just to satisfied his amorous desire. Little does he know his demeanor is unconditionally at stake.
Victims of sex demoralisation have a part in their defilement as well because a saying goes thus ‘The way you dress is the way you would be address’. We can demur the fact that not all female students that fail have a cause to witness this wickedly situation from sadist of lecturers. In my opinion which I strongly uphold, the fault of sexual harassment in favour of mark multiplication is a 50/50 equation.
The lecturer who dish out this barbaric act uses this as a yardstick for the underdevelopment of educational system in Nigeria which doesn’t apply to some parts of the world as far as education is concerned. And on the other hand, victims of the act play a role of myopic dress sense and lack of care towards curbing it. But I still stand to claim that if lecturers who try to hand this act are strongly erected and profoundly backed up, victims of this act won’t get to face such act as a reward for mark gratification.

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