So you think you’re in love? Read this before you make a big mistake. Here are the top 4 types of relationships to avoid in the university.

1)Final year student & fresher: This type of relationship rarely has long-lasting prospects, except you’re just looking to enjoy it while it lasts. One of you has to graduate and move on to the next phase of life. You might feel like you can handle it, but matters of the heart can get tricky.

(2)Hostel/flatmate: It might get really awkward when you guys break up. Plus seeing each other daily doesn’t leave room for that special feeling of missing someone-no surprise. And you might begin to do ‘couples life.’ Moreover, if your partner is the jealous type, you might become too guarded with male or female visitors.

(3)Lecturer & student: What? Seriously? This is a no-no, as you’re only creating problems for yourself. Dating a lecturer these days does not guarantee your G.P rising. Don’t mix work with pleasure.

(4)Course mate: I’m not condemning it outrightly, but you guys might be minoring or majoring in the same courses, hence, you’ll see each other in class EVERYDAY. There might not be freedom to create other valuable relationships or friendships in your circle; your worlds will revolve around each other. If and when you do break up, you’ll come to realise that there are many great people and things you’ve missed, because you were too exclusive and focused on one person.

Still, there just might be exceptions. Different strokes for different folks. Do take your head along in the rollercoaster of love.

Which of these relationships to avoid in the university have you come across? Do share your thoughts below.

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