FCM GISTS has released a hilarious and eye-opening list of things that happen in a night class in Funaab. You’ll love this one.

“The moment we all have been waiting for is before us. We all want to be done with this semester but the only thing stopping us is the exams. This is the point in the semester when everybody tries to be serious. Like someone said “read your books , especially during tests and exams”

This is the point in the semester when you find slay mamas without make up in A101, trying so hard to put 13 weeks in their heads in just one night.

We have compiled for you 10 types of students you will find at every night class, from A101 to MP, to COLVET to COLENG AUD, to ANENIH. Before you go to night class tonight, find your category and move on.

1. FOLLOW FOLLOW: These set of people top our list. They don’t know the reason for visiting the classes, they just follow the herd, window dress and play for the camera. They are the one who will flood your WhatsApp statuses with a picture of books they spent half of the night snapping. Location: A101

2. SLEEPER CELLS: These ones will leave the comfort of their bed, all dressed up, only to get to night class and be sleeping on Pako! They will sleep from their arrival till the following morning. Sometimes, it is even the invigilator that comes to wake them up the next day, signalling the commencement of exams. Location: Anenih, MP, A101, Colvet

3. MOBILE CINEMAS: Can you imagine, these ones will leave their hostel only to come to class to watch movies on their phones and systems until it dies. After then, they also shutdown. You can find them at COLBIOS lobby!

4. JACKIE CHAN and JACKIE APPIAH: These one will read from dusk till dawn non-stop. At the end of the day, they tell you they haven’t read anything. This category is divided into two; the first set are those who have been reading since the semester started, the second set are the supermen who will read everything at once and pour it down the following day. They are everywhere.

*5. I CANNOT KILL MYSELF CREW:* Well, you only live once, these people are the ones who will read a little, sleep a little, stroll a little, exchange pleasantries a little. No time for excesses! You find them everywhere.

6. BINTA AND FRIENDS: They bring the full squad to the class. Some squads may be beneficial, all of them may read all through. Other squads may turn the class to a dining hall—eat, eat, have a family meeting and sleep with a bloated stomach! They are behind you

7. MEKWE MASTERS: It is no myth, these set of people actually exist, they have strategic locations to make headlines for funaabhoestory. For security reasons, we won’t announce those places.

8. SOCIALITES: These ones just came to socialise, meet new girls, collect number. Dazzol! They are always at your back talking sweet nonsenses. We all know them.

9. BAEBOO: If you come to night class with your girlfriend/boyfriend, your books will be as useless as Zenith Bank, FUNAAB branch. These set of persons are always getting boo’d-up from time to time, cuddling and gisting. At the end of the day, someone falls asleep on the other person’s lap.

10. Add yours.

-Cranium X



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