In latest move to fight internet spam, abuse, and fraud. Twitter announced its acquisition of an online tool called Smyte, a San Francisco, California-based technology company that offers tools to restrict spamming.

The latest acquisition is expected to help the platform improve its user experience, which it has for quite some time been experiencing pressure for. Because of the new move, Smyte is closing down its business, however its technology and group will be integrated inside Twitter. It could in the long run stop loathe discourse and point of confinement the course of phony news that both are among the key difficulties for the organization that is broadly referred to for giving tweets as a wellspring of public discussion.

This is where Twitter believes that Smyte’s acquisition will help. “The Smyte team has dealt with many unique issues facing online safety and believes in the same proactive approach that we’re taking for Twitter: stopping the abusive behaviour before it impacts anyone’s experience,” the company said in a blog post.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. However, it is confirmed that the technology and team owned by Smyte will now be a part of Twitter. As a result of this development, Smyte is shutting down its business, effective immediately. The company has also immediately removed access to Smyte’s API without releasing any prior warning to its existing customers, TechCrunch reported.

Smyte has clients such as Indiegogo, GoFundMe,, TaskRabbit, Meetup, OLX, and Zendesk among others that all have no time to move to a service provider. Several customers have reached Twitter to report the production outage due to the sudden discontinuation of Smyte API. “A vendor notified us of their acquisition at 6am this morning and shut down their APIs 30 minutes later, creating a production outage for npm (package publishes and user registrations). The sheer unprofessionalism of this is blowing my mind,” one of the clients tweeted.

Twitter has made it clear that it will integrate the technology of Smyte “to strengthen” its systems and operations in the coming months. However, there isn’t any clarity on the existing clients of Smyte tools and processes.



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