A University of Benin (UniBen) mass communication student identified as John a.k.a Mountain has lamented after being bullied by the students in the Law Faculty. He narrated his bullying experience stressing that he will use his last strength to make sure the people involved are brought to book and called for the help of top SUG executives to make sure such incident does not repeat itself.

He is quoted below.

I went to read in the final year Law students Lecture Theatre last night at about past 10PM at the Faculty of Law. I was surprised when I was asked to leave the class because it is restricted.

I am a final year Mass Communications student and for some reason I had to be at Ugbowo Campus last night. I intended reading at the lecture theatre because it looked calm. They started asking me out and I wondered why. It’s not same for other faculties, at least some that I know of.

I had asked them to give me a reason why the class was restricted. They didn’t. They kept telling me to leave like there was some law in Uniben I didn’t know of that granted them such inalienable right to exclusivity of the lecture theatre.

All of a sudden, one young man in a white long sleeve came down and started poking and jabbing at my shoulders asking me out. He kept shouting at me and calling me names. He went as far as calling me a thief. He mentioned that if I was not a thief, I would not have been in the Lecture Theatre. The situation was appalling. I understand that at some point I was rudely responsive but that was only natural, feeling intimidated and almost petrified as they overhauled me with their sermons of selfishness, asking me to leave the class like I was some louse to be expunged from a dog.

After being called a thief, many of them came down to where I sat. They raised their voices with a few of them pushing and dragging my shoulders. Then there was a very short fellow with a distended head who called me names. He is short and agonizingly pathetic. He took my bag and dragged it out of the class as the others conveyed me with others saying things like “I wan know who dey your back guy”. I thought law students were more civilized than that. After the sick-and-about-to-die midget with the large head took my bag outside, I discovered before long that my money was missing. He’s not only a pathetic Lilliput but an unfortunate light fingered fellow. I will make sure he pays back my lost 3,000 which I kept at the side of the bag.

They dragged me out and I felt threatened and embarrassed. They treated me as though I was not a student at all. First, I didn’t the fair complexioned guy to come down on me by calling me a thief for insisting to read in the theatre unless I heard a good reason not to after all, you can’t tell me that law students don’t go to other classes many of which could have also been prohibited by the students there. Calling me a thief was not the only part. After my investigations today, I realised that he is a 400 Level student. If they claimed that the class was restricted to finally year students, how come a non law student couldn’t use the class but a 400 level student could? Is that not unfair despite telling them I’d be done in a few hours and then leave. The way a number of them started shouting on top of their voices. I felt like an actual thief to be beaten by an angry mob.

I went to the office of the Attorney General last night to report this issue but he was not there. I heard he had a test to write today. I am prepared to go report them to the Security but I don’t know their names and I don’t want to cause a scene by calling all the students to the Crime office. My 3 thousand naira which was stolen by the pathetic thief shortened by his enormous head and then the way I was publicly embarrassed out of the class by unruly rascals who called themselves Law students are both hurtful incidents I am prepared to punish in any way I can.

What do you think of his bullying experience? Got any personal bullying experience story? Please share with us.

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