The festive period is fast approaching and while most families are planning to shop big this December, you can reap into this and fetch in some mone for yourself.
Below are some of the businesses you can engage yourself:
1. Fire Crackers:
This is the period when kids and even some adults buy fire crackers such as bangers, knock out, fireworks. If ypu are in Lagos, you can buy this goods in bulk and at cheaper rate at Docemo, Lagos Island. Buyers will definitely clear the stock before festive period is over.
2. Ladies Weave ons:
Holidays are mostly celebrated by ladies and they are the ones who spend mostly during this period. Selling weave ons and human hairs during this period should be one thing to consider now. For better sale, you can partner with a Salon and display your wares closely. Ensure you have enough and most of the trending stocks and charge reasonably
3. Second Hand Clothes:
In as much as everyone would love to rock designers during festive period, many would be left with no choice than to buy second hand clothes. This business moves fast during this period and while you want to sell okrika clothes, be sure its first grade
4. Christmas Lights:
Its December and its Christmas period, christians especially would love to lighten up their homes with blinking Christmas Lights 🌲. Selling this kind of product now will be a well timed business.
5. Provision:
Provisions business is an all time business that is profitable. At this period, home beverages, soft drinks and liquor will sell fast, its wise to start a business of such during this period
6. Christmas Hamper:
Christmas is a period where family and friends exchange gifts. Selling Hampers during this period will sure be profitable. Just ensure to display your wares where alot of passers-by would easily see.
7. Chair Rental Service:
Expect a series of events at this period, clubs, schools, churches will host events and parties and would definitely require rental of party chairs and tables, doing a supply wouldn’t be a bad idea.
8. Shirt Customization:
Customizing shirts for profit motive will move fast this period. Even if you are not really into the business, you can partner and outsource while you rake in some cool cash.
9. Children Toys:
Parents are willing to make their children happy, especially during christmas holidays. Selling toys will be more profitable than ever.
10. Chickens:
Selling live chickens is always moving and profitable during the festive period. All homes would wish to cook for the family and chicken is always the ideal meat for the period. Engaging in chicken sales will definitely rake in some money into your pocket



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