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Top New Year Resolutions to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever


Happy New Year Fellas! Trust it’s gonna be a fulfilled year for each and everyone of us. The festive season marks a period when everyone celebrate and rejoice and just after the period is completely over and in few weeks, everyone tend to re-adjust to their normal lifestyle. However, we make vows at the beginning of each year in a bid to improve our lives and lifestyle.

Stop Procrastination:

Delaying or undue postponing implementation of ideas or tasks is common to many and this has to stop this year. By now, you should know ideas spring and what you conceive as ideas today might be what someone else is making plans to implement immediately. Also, prompt implementation of tasks takes you ahead to the next level. Changing towards a positive attitude to work will go a long way improving your entrepreneural skills.

Mind Your Business:

Ones business alone is enough for one to deal with, how much more when you put someone else’s problems on your head. The character of undue gossips about celebrities, other people’s affair might be the reason why you are not improving career-wise. You would notice if you face your career squarely, 24 hours might be too short for you to work daily

Live Healthy:

You might have battled one sickness or another in the past years and unhealthy consumption might have been the major cause. It could be the type of food you eat or other unhealthy consumption such as smoking, excess drinking of alcohol etc… that has to change. Health is wealth, if you love yourself, care for your body and do the right

Choose a Career Path:

Are you jobless and in desperate search for a white collar or monthly paid job, it’s high time you should wake up. By now, you should know how things are being run in Naija, if you no know person, no good job for you. Decide now and choose a career path… Learn a trade, fashion, hair, graphics, social media, website.. etc, there are few trade you can pick from and become independent again

Be Closer to God:

Delay may be dangerous… You should compare your state of holiness when you were preparing to cross to the new year and had to go to church or mosque, you don’t have to wait for this time or any other special time before you pray, it should be a continuous practice. Thanking God alone is an act of worship, make it a habit to pray always

What’s your 2019 New Year Resolution? Wish you a Happy and Fulfilled 2019



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