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Top Money Making Services to Render in December


As we all know December is a period of festivity. It’s a time when families come together to celebrate. Having this in mind, we can center a quick business or service rendering around the festivities. Below are some of the services you can render that will fetch you enough money this December.

6. Bulk SMS
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Forget individuals and set your sights on organizations such as schools, churches, clubs etc. They would want to send greetings to their members/clients and would require the service of Bulk SMS sellers. You can earn yourself some cash by easily signing up for one Bulk SMS company on their website. I wouldn’t recommend any but there are lots of them when you browse the internet. Review their prices and charge yours, the most important thing is you capture the right clients
5. DJ and MC
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Alot of parties will be held in December and it is no secret that for a party to succeed, you need a DJ. You can make some money during this period if you are a DJ or could quickly learn some skills in the business so you wouldn’t be left out. Some parties require an MC for it to flourish, if you hone some skills in this profession, you could rake in as much as possible.
4. Catering
Its still all about events and parties, catering services are in hot demand during December. Even if you are not a caterer, you could pretend to be one and easily outsource businesses when service is required. Food and Small Chops caterers are well sought after in December
3. Printing and Shirt Customizing
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Clubs and organizations normally hold End of the Year parties. Some of the require the services of a printer to either provide invitation cards or printed/customized shirts. The demand for such services is high at this period and if you are smart enough could tap into this and make some money for yourself even if you are not a printer by profession
2. Event Decorators
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Its still all about events and parties. Event planners and decorators earn big at this period. Schools, churches, organizations host events and require the services of an event decorator
1. Chair and Table Rentals
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If you are already in this line, it’s certain, you would rake in alot this month. Ensure you have enough to cater for the anticipated high demand. Even if you are not in the business line, you could still make some money by helping those in need of chairs and tables to procure the service. You could liaise with the provider and negotiate your share or better still, over-charge those you are procuring for so you can smile to your pocket.
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