It is rare for spectators to see goal keepers come off their box area to opposition areas and score goals for their team. As a follower of the English Premier League, I have few goal keepers come forward to help their teams put one into the opposition net.

The only time you would notice goal keepers leave their half to try to help  their teams score is in last moment of the match and that is only if the team needs to score at all cost and if the team is set to play a set-piece be it corner or free kick.

Most times, it has not augur well for such team because once the ball gets to the opposition player, the keeper is in trouble. However, we can boldly say there were some brave goal keepers in the past. They are well known to have scored a great number of goals, helping their teams in so many occassion. They score in different position be it Free kick, Header, Shots anyhow.
In this article, we would profile five great goalkeepers of all time.

5. Rene Higuita:
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The Colombian goal keeper famously known for his Scorpion Kick, is one of the best goal scoring goal keepers of all time. He was known to be very daring, he leaves his area of comfort during football matches, dribbles opposition players, take the ball half way and tries to shoot at goal, he also take free kicks for his country. Known to be the craziest goal keeper of all time.
In total, Higuita scored 41 goals for both club and country

4. Dimitar Ivankov
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Dimitar Ivanov Ivankov is a former Bulgarian football player who played as a goalkeeper. Notwithstanding, he is known for his goals, particularly from changing over punishment kicks. Ivankov is the third most astounding goalscoring goalkeeper ever with 42 goals

3. Jorge Campos
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Affectionately associated with his awful self-planned pullovers, the Mexican goalkeeper was renowned worldwide for his ostentatiousness, additionally positions as the 3rd most noteworthy scoring goalkeeper ever. Despite the fact that he may have been short in stature, the previous Jaguars and LA World star compensated for his absence of tallness with his enormous character and wound up scoring 34 goals amid his profession. Campos would now and again begin in objective and after that climb front later on amid amusements because of his gifts with the ball at his feet.

2. Luis Chilavert: 
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The former Paraguayan goal keeper was a true role model for so many in his country. A well known goal keeper, not only can he play the ball with his feet, he is a superb keeper. He played a significant role in helping Paraguay qualify for France 98 World Cup.
In the mid-90s he was rated as one of the best shotstoppers in the world and his abilities at set-pieces meant he was worth his weight in gold for Argentinian side Velez Sarsfield and national side Paraguay. Chilavert scored eight goals for his country and 54 for his various club sides. He also netted a hat-trick against Velez’s rivals Ferro Carril Oeste in 1999.

1. Rogerio Ceni
Firstly, you wouldn’t believe if you heard a goalkeeper scored more than 100 career goals, but actually, its a reality. Rogerio Ceni is a Brazilian, and the most decorated goal keeper of all time. Famously known for his heroic moment when he single-handedly helped his club Sao Paolo beat Corinthians, scoring a free kick in that match to mark his 100th career goal in 2011.
Ceni scored a total 134 career goal, making him the most decorated goalkeeper of all time



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