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Top 5 Tips For Field Marketing


The business world is a lot about online marketing these days, and it is actually a good development, but not all marketing goals can be reached with online marketing, the traditional filed marketing is not as useless as people think it is now.

Traditional marketing will still give your brand the highest type of realist look which you need to have more loyal customers.

This article will help you with top tips that you need to look at when you are engaged in field marketing.

Use Free Samples To Market Your Products

Nobody rejects free samples of products, you can start marketing your products with this.

Sampling is the best approach from a strategic perspective and is highly effective in driving sales. Whether it’s a food product, a tech gadget or even a service, consumers like to try things out. The average consumer wants to see what the product looks like, smells like, tastes like or even feels like before buying it. Field marketing is about showing the audience the benefits of the product(s), how it can make life simpler, better and cheaper.

Pick The Right Location

The mistake most people make with field marketing is the selection of the wrong locations to advertise. The strategy of getting your target audience actually started with traditional marketing you need to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time – hence choosing the right location and time is key. Find out where your customers spend their time and where they shop. Are they more likely to be found in shopping centers, supermarkets, festivals or local events?  Field marketing will help you gauge interest, build brand awareness, collect inquiries and make sales. And don’t forget to perfect your timing. Know your end-user and their buying habits.

Make Sure Your Marketing Is Fun And Creative

There is a very short window of time to capture your audience’s attention. Give your field marketing a spin and make it fun, experiential and creative. Interactive immersive elements and an eye-catching display will get you better results and will increase brand and product awareness with the aim of driving up sales.

Field marketing not only will allow you to interact with your audience in person, but it also gives you an opportunity to generate an online marketing campaign where people can share their experience with your brand and create a buzz around it.

Choose The Right Brand Ambassador

Do not send a young marketer to an older aged audience or vise-versa, make sure anyone you want to send out can actually connect easily with the audience he or she is going out to market to

Detailed face-to-face briefing and training are crucial. All ambassadors need to be able to answer any questions about your product and lead interesting live demonstrations. If they know and understand the product well, they will be able to speak about it confidently and adjust their pitch based on customer’s response, likes and dislikes, making the conversation far more compelling than a general sales script.  Field marketing and sales are all about building a connection with the customer and demonstrating the benefits of the product.

Make Data Collection Simple And Monitor Your Success

Make sure your field brand ambassadors know what the data capture requirements are. Whether you’re interested in market development or market penetration, make sure you don’t collect data that you will never use.

All the data you use can be used for other marketing strategies later.

Start Making your field marketing a success, make sure you read some of our other content and also do not forget to share them.





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