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Most Effective Ways To Cure Alcohol Hangover


In the wake of drinking and having a great time, we wind up wrecked the following morning. Awakening with cerebral pain, tiredness, discombobulation, dry mouth, weariness and heaving are for the most part side effects of headache; aftereffect is the different obnoxious physiological encounters following the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Aftereffect can keep going for a considerable length of time and can ruin your state of mind and decrease your program for the day if not treated. Aftereffect can be cured normally and adequately in the accompanying ways viably include:

1. WATER: Alcohol consumption can make you dehydrated, the importance of water in curing hangover can never be over emphasized. Water is an effective way of preventing and curing hangover by drinking water when consuming alcohol (this is to prevent hangover), that is taking a glass of water with every glass of beer or alcohol. Also before going to bed, it’s advisable to drink water and lastly waking up in the morning, water should be the first thing you reach for. Drinking sports drinks is also effective hangover cure.

2. GINGER: Ginger is very effective in stomach pain, nausea and vomiting which are all side effects of hangover. Ginger can also stimulate perspiration that can cleanse the system and bring down body temperature. Ginger is an effective pain reliever, drinking ginger tea in the morning or ginger infused water can help greatly in relieving hangover.

3. EAT BREAKFAST: Breakfast like we all know is very important, your system is already dehydrated due to consumption of alcohol and therefore needs to be replenished. Eating breakfast supplies the body with electrolyte which helps hydrated the body system. Breakfast during hangover should be light as easy to digest such as oat meal, crackers, cereal, green juice and so on.
Remember, rest is still very important, after eating the food listed above, you still need to rest. Also if symptoms persist do take a prescribed pain killer for fast relieve.



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