Antivirus Apps

Many android users think installing an antivirus is an essential move to be free from threats (virus). The antivirus Applications do nothing to secure your phone.
These antivirus applications are only useful while downloading and installing the APK files outside Play Store. Otherwise, you can delete them without any worries.

Battery Savers:

This makes me to remember a friend that consulted me to install battery saver to have long life battery power, I was like how interesting. I eventually installed this app and after some days I observe my phone gets hot always. Not knowing that the battery saver made my phone get hot.

Of course, there are some useful battery saving apps available for android, but they are not many in number. Most of the apps in the category are disguised to be useful.

Cleaning Apps

It is essential to clean your phone on a regular basis in other boost the performance of your device. But most of the cleaning apps are senseless because they brilliantly trick into making you believe that such apps do something unique to fasten your phone.
You can remove the same by going to Settings → Storage → Cache Data and clear the same. Also it can be cleared by Settings → Apps → Downloaded.



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