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The Path of Honour – The Teachings on Humility


The Path of Honour – The Teachings on Humility

Memories: The fear of the lord teaches a man wisdoms, and humility comes before honour (proverb 15:33)
Read provide 15:33

The best you can get if you arrogant is disgrace. Humility brings honour. Pride goes before destruction. It is quite unnatural to be humble. We are in a generation of self exaltation and ego. Devil who is the god of this world, is on epitome of prise and self exaltation (ezk 28:11).

His pride pitched him against God. Pride is destructive. The ground has always been the way to the top. The only thing that is done from the top downward is digging his\ her own grave. Therefore, whoever want to start from the too will end it on the ground.

Let us see how Christ treated the path of honour and greatness. Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above everyname. He threaded the part of humility self relegating condescension, he became man, expanded sacrificial death exhibited unalloyed obedience and suffered as a humiliated servant. Do u want honour?

Do the following
1) Be obedient to God and constituted authority. Romans 13:1
2) Do nothing out of selfish ambition
3) Within humility, consider others betters than yourself
4) Posses the attitudes (mind) of Christ Jesus.
Prayer point
LordI refuse to see my self beyond how you rate me.
Lord, I reject what ever you are not offering me which the devil is imposing on my way in Jesus name.

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