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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All Mobizone’s competitions are designed to reward users loyalty on the site subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. By entering into the any of Mobizone’s competition, the user agrees to the Mobizone terms and conditions

2. Winners from the competitions will be decided by Mobizone based on authenticity of votes which is verifiable via Google Analytics

3. Mobizone holds the exclusive right to decide the minimum page views and votes of a user entry to emerge him/her as the winner of the competition

4. Mobizone holds the exclusive rights to decide if and what it gives out as “Consolation Prizes” for runner ups

5. Mobizone holds the right to disqualify any participant found guilty of fraudulent page clicks and votes

6. Mobizone will not award prize to any winner who failed to fulfil the requirements of entry such as Follow, Like or Share to Social Media Timeline

7. Mobizone has the right to cancel an edition of a competition whose minimum participant is lower than 30 and consolation prizes is to the discretion of Mobizone