Name: Taiwo Deborah

School: University Of Ilorin


 It is quite a devastating and saddening truth that ‘sex for marks’ has erupted and emerged as an epidemic in the educational system of the Nigeria of today. ‘Sex for marks’ is most rampant in tertiary institutions:universities and polytechnics and unfortunately has delved into secondary schools.

‘Sex for marks’ has acquired its name from the surface meaning itself I.e having sexual intercourse in exchange for marks. It is note worthy that the topic sentence before us today is too ambiguous to be treated as a one sided scandal as it is likened to two sides of a coin. In essence,the victim is the one who is at the receiving side:this may be the lecturer or the students.
The lecturer may fall a victim for instance,when a female students fails her exams and approaches the lecturer wearing provocative and appealing dress consciously to seduce the lecturer. In most cases,the lecturer concedes and thereafter the female student blackmails him by threatening to ruin his career and leaking the sex tapes if he does not cooperate with her. The lecturer being the victim here has a part to play by not being decent and discreet enough in upholding sanctity to resist the sexual enticement.

However,we cannot dispute the fact that students fall victim of this barbaric and inhuman act. In fact,majority of the ‘sex for marks’ victim are mostly students. Students who fail to prepare adequately for their exams tends to seek alternative means by approaching their lecturers on what to do. The lecturer sees their vulnerability and takes advantage of their gullibility by boldly demanding for sex with the assurance of getting good grades in return. As a clichè would say,”using what you have to get what you want”.
Of course,the students here has lots of roles to play in encouraging this miscreant act. One of which is laziness and nonchalant attitude towards success and due to the fear of failure they are left with no choice than to concede to the advances of the lecturers in having sex for marks.
Secondly, the students usually wear provocative dresses which pushes the lecturer to having no choice than finding all means to demand for sex either willingly or forcefully using marks as a threat.
We cannot exhaust all parts played by the students in enhancing this scandalous and shameful practice.

In conclusion,the above analyses has revealed that the victims for this scandal are both lecturers and student. Therefore, it’s crystal clear,audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that ‘Sex for marks’ is a menace that must be curbed in the society.

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