Most times, freshers just get admitted to the university without a clue on what they’re really in for till it hits them hard.  It’s not just about coming loaded with new clothes and stuff,  this place called uni is “realer” than you think. True, schooling can be fun to an extent, but the struggle is real o, and it seems to get tougher with each year and generation. Even students abroad don’t have it all rosy. So many students “hate” school, but tolerate it. #fact

Ask final year students,  and you’ll get an earful. Oh… we already did the asking for you.  Read the different piece of advice they had to offer from various departments from the University Of Ilorin.

(1)”Know how to budget. In other words “how to manage. ” -Popoola (400L, English)

(2)”Increase your endurance level,because Unilorin will frustrate you” -A. Ademuyiwa (400L, Linguistics)

(3)”You need God. Be sensible, because university is different from secondary school. Mind the company you keep;the right friends are very important.” – I. Lydia (400L, English)

(4)”Balance in every area. That’s what you need” – Daniel (Mechanical Engineering)

(5)”Don’t rely on what your lecturer teaches in class alone. It’s not all about attending classes. You have to go out of your way to make research online and offline, then combine class notes with research and you’ll surely pass.   Also, minimize partying and extracurricular activities at this stage (100L)” – O. Samuel (500L,  Law)

(6)”Leave home early to avoid missing classes. Especially for those staying off-campus. This is because transportation is a major issue in  Unilorin. If possible leave your hostel by 6:30 a.m to avoid the long queues. Buckle up and read hard so that you can have a good G. P from this level,  and avoid distraction.”  -Peter (400L, Agric Science)

(7)”Put God first,  and put in a lot of effort-a blend of both is what has worked for me so far.” – Peter (300L, Home Economics)

(8)”It’s not easy. You just have to read hard. Although, it’s not always what you read that’ll appear in exams. You might even put in a lot of effort and get a bad result,  don’t let it discourage you.  Know your lecturers and their peculiarities, for you to know how they set questions and how to answer them. Every lecturer is different. Balance your social life.  You can go into relationships,  but don’t let it take your time and life. Find something to do. Like a handwork (sewing, hairdressing, etc), because you can’t rely entirely on your degree after graduation.” -Suliat (400L,Microbiology).

(9)”If you get a bad result, do not give up! Do not let it weigh you down.  Add more effort,  and next time your result will be better.” -Comfort (400L, Zoology)

(10) “100 level is a basic and delicate level, so if you have any issue then,  it might continue to affect you throughout your academic stay in Unilorin. Be very serious in your 100 level so that you can build your GP, because after 100L,  it gets tougher.”  -Kehinde (400L, Plant Biology)

(11)”Read. Even if it’s just to pass. Enjoy yourself as much as you can in this school, because 200 level upwards is tougher and more complex. So, try to enjoy yourself, because before you say jack, 4 years will be up and you’ll be a graduate with regrets on things you wish you had done. Try to know your environment, and try to learn Yoruba, even if it’s the basics,  because most of the indigenes here feel you’re ‘forming’ if you can’t speak Yoruba. They don’t get the fact that not everyone is Yoruba.  Plus, learning it will aid you in communication every once in a while.” -Joennyl (400L, Environmental Health Education)

(12)”Focus. Place a balance between religion and academics. Set your priorities right. Read well, eat healthy meals, and always try to rest.”  -B. Damilola (400L, Social Work)

There you have it. Different strokes go for different folks though, so, I hope you find what would work for you.

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