Name: Sulaimon Aishat Atinuke

School: University Of Ilorin


In Nigerian universities, “sex for marks” have become a reoccurring vice amongst thirsty mischievous lecturers. Nowadays, some female students no longer believe in continuous assessments or examinations done in the school; they believe in satisfying the lecturers in charge through coitus. On the other hand, some female students are fully dedicated to their academics but are threatened by these wicked lecturers who most times menace these innocent students to have sex with them — all in the name of good grades.

For a lady, there are many parts to play in order to avoid this immoral acts: attending to the school business dutifully…i.e attending lectures regularly, doing assignments and reading well are ways of avoiding “sex for marks”. For instance, when a female student does all that is required in accordance with the school rules and regulations, hardly will an ill mannered, sex thirsty lecturer have a reason to molest such student.

Furthermore, there is a common saying that goes “the way you dress, u will be addressed”. A lady who dresses indecently to school is seriously striving towards sexual harassment from the male lecturer — this kind of lecturers envisage sexual assault at the sight of this indecently dressed student.

As a matter of fact, a female student who allows herself to be used by this wicked lecturers should be considered as unreasonable or stupid; because they know that these lecturers have their own daughters and would never tolerate such. This is your dignity, your pride, your worth… It shouldn’t be let out to destruction.

When a Lady starts in the university, she believes in working endlessly towards achieving her goals and ambition but loses them because of some crappy reasons after granting “sex for marks”. Do these victims even believe that STD is real?

Being too close to male lecturer also causes it — because as time goes on, he would find a reason to assault her sexually — therefore, ladies are meant to avoid male lecturers whom they think are mischievous. Moreover, a Lady who falls victim of this ” sex for marks” act, at times, due to fear of being in danger, keeps quiet; in which ends up damaging her career.

In conclusion, I believe that if due punishment is served upon this bad lecturers and the student herself is duly prayerful. Then, things will fall efficaciously prosperous in Nigerian universities and “sex for marks” will be abolished.

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