Shoes are a daily lifestyle, as much as there are different type of shoes for women so are they for men. I believe shoes are statements for the guys who got taste. A huge part of presentation and representation, if you know what I mean.

This style guide might as well be in three parts but let’s see just how much shoe options the guys have.


The Oxford– a dress shoe which features some subset.

Cap-toe Oxford

Image result for cap toe oxford shoes

Wingtip Oxford

Image result for wingtip oxford

Whole cut/One-piece Oxford

Image result for whole cut/one piece oxford

Plain toe Oxford

Image result for plain toe oxford

The Derby– also known as Blucher, also have some subsets.

Cap-toe Derby

Image result for cap toe derby

Plain toe Derby

Image result for plain toe derby

Wingtip Derby

Image result for wingtip derby

The Monk Strap

Single Monk Strap

Image result for single monk strap

Double Monk Strap

Image result for double monk strap

The Loafer

Penny Loafer

Image result for penny loafer for men

Tassel Loafer

Image result for tassel loafer for men

Bit Loafer

Image result for Bit loafer for men



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