A student has written an open letter filled with controversial opinions and some advice directed at Nigerian undergraduates.

“This is an open letter to all existing and prospective Nigerian undergraduates. Kindly avail yourself to go through some of the most vital points, who knows if it will eventually spur you to greatness.

My friends, do not let anyone fool you into believing that making a 2.1 outta school is inconsequential in getting a great job, that’s a big fat lie. It is true that you need to be smart and intelligent before passing those skin tearing aptitude tests, but what makes you qualify for them in the first place is what you have on your certificate, albeit that’s not a guaranty that you will pass, but you may never get to sit for them without a 2.1. This takes me to my next point.

BE PREPARED TO DEFEND YOUR 2.1 or First Class. Aside from graduating with a 2.1/first class, develop the mental abilities to pass some of the most logic-defying tests.

Here is a simple list of top Nigerian companies you MAY not get the chance to start your career with if you do not have at least a 2.1 straight outta uni:

Ernst and Young,
All tier 1 banks except Skye and UBA banks,
Chams Plc,
All top oil companies e.g Total, Schlumberger, Conoil, Mobile, etc., Nestoil,
Concept Group,
Globacom, and

Lastly, if you have the habit of running after top federal universities, stop it! Do not waste your young age chasing shadows. Yes, it is undeniable that great universities make great individuals, however, you must put into cognisance the Nigerian society you live in. Most top employers no longer look to employ candidates in their late twenties or early thirties, neither do they look through the name of the university you attended; do not waste your age advantage all in the name of “I want to go to UI”. Your so-called university won’t help you secure that great job you so desire. Presently, the maximum age for graduate trainee recruitment in top Nigerian companies is 26, this is going to drop in the nearest future. So my friends, always think ahead and make that decision now.

This is just a piece of advice. Thanks for taking your time to read. Cheers to a great future!


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