It’s the start of the new week, a hopeful beginning of something beautiful in your life as a student. This week wherever you are, this bible verse will touch on all that pertains to you. It is Psalm 74:12.

It reads,

For God is my king of old, my working salvation in the midst of the earth

What the words in Psalm 74:12 mean is, God is yours and yours alone. Never ever doubt that you have him as your guide. He is here to guide you and keep you. I don’t know what you are going through. Maybe you are scared, panicking, worried or confused about something in school. I need you to realize that God is your working salvation on earth. He is here to help you to set things straight,

That test you are worried about, he will make it amazing. That assignment you are panicking about, God has got it covered. Your exams, the results, he is here for you. Throughout this week I need you to stand on this verse and you will see great things happen.

While you are meditating on Psalm 74:12, share what this verse means to in the comments below. Does it strike a chord with you? Are you going through something that it hits? Let us know so that we can pray with you as a community.



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