Recently got a new shoe that you love? You knew it was tight for you but couldn’t resist its beauty. Now you are are suffering from the pain of it squeezing too tightly on your feet. Don’t panic, as this article will help you to learn how to stretch shoes that are too tight in the comfort of your home

  1. Put a sachet water into the shoe and place it in the freezer overnight: As the water freezes it will increase in size and gently expand the shoe. However, ensure the sachet water is not opened and check it often so as to prevent spills into your shoe.
  2. Put on very thick socks and heat the shoe: Wear a pair of thick socks and put on the shoe. Use your hand dryer to heat the affected areas for as long as you can but ensure not to overdo it as it can affect the shoe manufacturing glue. Ensure to put polish the shoe afterwards as the heat might have cost it to lose its moisture.
  3. Stuff up the shoe with socks or newspapers: Place as many as you can into the shoe until you can visibly see the stretching effect. Leave it in the shoe overnight and you will see a reasonable difference by morning.

We believe these tips on how to stretch shoes that are too tight have been helpful. Tight shoes can be very dangerous to your health as they can cause you to lose sensation in your feet, get ingrown nails and develop toes that cross over one another among others. It is important to buy the right shoe size and if you make a mistake change up the shoes or expand them with the tips above.



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