A building is never complete until it is painted. That means for almost every new building in Nigeria, a number of paint buckets are required. If you are thinking about going into a new business, paint production is a good business to invest in. You can start your home-based paint production with as little as N100,000.

You can get everything you need to produce paint in general markets in Nigeria. All you need is a bucket, glove, production material and something to turn the paint while mixing it.

How To Produce Paints

Emulsion paint;

First Step: Add Titanium-dioxide( the major pigment present in all paints at various quantity) to water with a dispersant e.g genopur or calgon.

Second Step: Add Calcium carbonate, a filler that gives volume/body to the paint, add at the rate of 15kg per drum of paint.

Third Step: Add pigment or colorant  to get the desired colour.

Fourth Step: Add a binder that could be acrylic or PVA determined by where the paint is applied. After mixing these thoroughly, a thickener (e.g natrosol or bermocol pronounced bermercol in the market) will be added. This makes the paint thicken to prevent pigment settling, ease of application and several other functions.

This is pre-dispersed in water and added to the mix at a rate of 120 grams per 20 litres drum.

Fifth Step: Add a defoamer (simply called defoamer in the market) to remove foam from the paint, buffer (same name in the market but which could be ammonia solution or caustic soda); to make the thickener react fast and formalin to preserve the paint. The additives are used at the rate of 5 to 10 cl per drum. Do all this and your emulsion paint is ready.

Some paints contain as low as 300 grams of titanium dioxide and 500 grams of binder per 20 litres drum, while others contain as high as 3 kg of titanium dioxide and 5 kg of binder respectively.

Use the later combination to get a high grade paint.

2 drums of good grade paints would cover what 5 drums of low quality paint can manage to cover and while the good grade paint stays very long on the wall, the low grade paint starts chalking and fading within a year, necessitating re painting with extra cost of workmanship. Also, the weak powdery previous coat would be the foundation the new paint would stay on and no matter the quality, it won’t last because it stays on a powdery surface.

Follow all these steps, package, market and sell your product and watch the cash roll in. Browse through our posts and get more tips and how tos’ that will help you as a business or an aspiring business owner.



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