The dog rearing business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria, but this information is not open to so many people. Most people believe people that do it do it for fun and as a hobby. But the fact is some people are making a lot of money.

A Rottweiler puppy goes for around 90,000 to 100,000 naira while some other breeds are even more expensive than that. The good part is dogs are very fertile and this means you can get a lot of puppies at a time. Are you interested in this business, jump in.

Get Knowledge

You need to identify a professional in this industry to learn from. Most importantly the breeds and how to take care of them. Make sure this professional is a vet doctor or has vast knowledge in the field. If you can’t get a professional, you can also use your smartphone to do research on the internet or watch youtube videos that will explain the behaviour of different breeds of dogs. Youtube videos will help you on how to train and treat them.

Deciding On Your Target Market

Now that you have decided on the type of breed you want to rear, you need to decide on the type of market you want to focus on. The dog rearing industry has wide industry, for example, you can rear dogs that policemen and the military use. You can rear dogs that can stay indoor; A Chihuahua is a good example for this. There are so many other breeds that you can use to target different types of market, just choose the right market and target it with the right breed.

Start With An Easy Breed

These are some breeds that you can start with, that will reduce the stress of just starting without much exposure:

  1. German shepherd
  2. Dobberman
  3. Collie
  4. Bichon fries
  5. Beagle

Schedule The Right Time For Your Vet’s Visit

You need heathy dogs to make money the right way, therefore apart from the food and accommodation for your dogs, make sure you give them the right drugs.

Schedule routine checkups with the vet. Never miss their vaccination and other immunization against common diseases. Keep them well nourished and in a clean environment.

Marketing Your Business

Take advantage of the social media and other platforms on the internet, and word of mouth. This two channels are still the best ways to get your puppies out and cash in.


Make sure you do update your knowledge with dog rearing to be fully aware of all that is happening in the industry especially the prices, it won’t be nice for you to under sell your dogs.



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