T-shirts are nice and easy to wear anytime any day. The Ceo of Facebook said he loves T-shirts because he doesn’t want to be thinking of what to wear every morning. So many people love it and because of this, it is turning into a great and popular product.

This has opened a great opportunity for a new type of industry for design T-shirts. Designers are now doing great things on T-shirts. You can also join the league and start making money

Let’s dive in;

Choose A Target Market

You have to know the age range you want to target, you cannot just target every age group, you might not go far. You have to know your age range to make your production and marketing strategy so much better.

The T-shirt design for young adults will be different from babies or kids. Therefore select a target audience and do everything possible to appeal to their interest.

Create Something Unique

The industry is already saturated; therefore if you really want to make a mark in this industry, you have to come in with something different. This will make people get to know you easily and faster.

Design is progressive, therefore sit down and think, think and think. In addition to this, make sure you create a trademark and copyright it to avoid other stealing your idea.

Obtain A Business License

Well, some countries would require that you obtain a license before you are permitted to start any business, whether home-based or not; so it is advisable for you to find out country-specific requirements for starting your T-shirt business.

Get The Right Type Of Equipment

You would need some equipment to start your T-shirt business such as printing materials which you can either buy or sub-contract the printing aspect to someone else if you cannot afford the necessary equipment yet.

There are primarily 3 ways to add designs to a t-shirt

  • Heat transfer using a press
  • Screen printing
  • Direct-to-garment printing.

Purchase plain T-Shirts in bulk

Next, you should look for a manufacturer or wholesaler of T-shirts who would sell bulk T-shirts to you at a cheap rate. If you know how to sew your own T-shirts, then you are in luck. All you need is someone to supply you with quality materials that you would use in sewing your T-shirts. Get the right type of supplier, that you are sure won’t disappoint you.

Make Labels

Nex,t you should make your own labels that you would put on your T-shirts when you design them. The labels should look good and have your chosen business name on them as well as the size of the T-shirt. This will be the first thing people will see when it comes to your brand. Make sure the design of your label match your target audience, if it’s for the older generation, make it classy, if for the younger ones make it flashy.

Decide on a sales strategy

Ask yourself this questions; How do you want to sell your T-shirts? Where will you sell them? How will you market them and increase awareness? These are things that you have to determine at this point.

Make samples

You are ready to launch your T-shirt designing business at this point. Make samples that you will be able to display on your website or sales page or samples that you would give out to other people as a means of promoting your designs. If possible, make the design in 3d or 2d.

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