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Solskjaer Showing The World Man United Team Not as Bad as Mourinho Painted


Man United win their third consecutive match under caretaker boss Solskjaer after beating Bournemouth 4-1 in a Premier League match at Old Trafford.

Not only are they winning but the margin of goals under new boss suggested former boss Mourinho have been under-utilizing the quality of the team. Mourinho’s team was characterized by lack of attacking and fluid style of football, leading to under performance from quality players such as Pogba, Rashford and Martial. Their abysmal display in the 3-1 loss to Liverpool few weeks ago led to his sacking.

Since Solskjaer took over, United had recorded twelve and conceded three (one in each of the three matches played). Not only that, the way the manager has been able to get the best out of their most valuable player, Pogba.

The first few natches under Solskjaer suggested Man United had underperformed based on the fact that Mourinho didn’t give them the freedom to express themselves on the pitch. Each player played with fear and strictly according to instruction because anyone who failed to adhere gets himself on the sideline.

There are few milestones the new boss had reached already, scoring five goals in a match since Ferguson left in 2013and consecutive wins for the first time this season.



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