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Soldier, Policemen, Task Force Fights In Lagos


Officials of Lagos State Task Force and Soldiers on Monday morning engaged in a fierce fight around the Abule Egba area of the state.

Several people, including the Soldiers, were injured in the clash that lasted for some hours.

The whole issue started when a young man in a singlet and camouflage trousers was stopped by the members of the task force for driving against traffic, the man identified himself as a soldier, but the task force instructed him to go back through the normal route.

The soldier vehemently refused and started getting violent with the members of the task force, he later called three other Soldiers who came to the scene and started beating the Task force member and Police officers around the area of the incident.

Vanguard newspaper reported that the soldiers shot one of the police officers and impounded their official Vehicle, which was taken to an unknown place.

A team of policemen returned to the area to make the whole place calm. When contacted, Lagos State Police Command’s Spokesman, Chike Oti said the incident is still under investigation and there is no formal statement yet from the police.

The clash between police officer and soldiers have increased recently, what do you think can be done to stop it? drop your comments below



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