Whatsapp, the instant messaging service officially launched a great app for business owners recently, it is called the Whatsapp Business. This app was created with the intention of making communication between business owners and customers easier and better. Whatsapp business was mainly built for small business owners.

The app has the same design with the normal Whatsapp but with some many other features that will help a lot of business owners. The following are the Whatsapp business app features

Whatsapp Business App Features

  1. Business Profiles

Whatsapp business app allows users to create their business profile with information like the business address, email address and website. This will be seen by anyone that is willing to connect with you.

  1. Smart Messaging Tools

You can set the app to give quick replies to frequently asked questions. This will save users time and effort. There is also the option of automated messages which you can use to give information to customers even when the user is not with the phone.

  1. Messaging Statistics

Users of the Whatsapp Business App can review simple metric on their sent messages. You can check important metrics such as if your message was sent successfully, read and delivered among so many others.

  1. Whatsapp Web

This feature allows users to connect the app to their desktop or laptop with ease. Therefore, if you want to be working on your laptop alone without getting distracted, then the Whatsapp web is the best for you.

How To Download The Whatsapp Business App

Get it onĀ  Google play store for android users. The iOS version of the is not yet available.


The Whatsapp Business App will help you a lot with your conversation and message texting online, try it and make optimum use of this app, you can thank me later. Drop a comment about how helpful this article is below.




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