As a Start up or a Growing business owner, one of the best decision you can make to increase the growth of your firm is to be visible on the internet.

Being visible on the internet is a very dynamic and technical thing but if you know your way it can be easy and stress free.

Google is one of the platforms that have taken over a lot of space on the internet making it the best platform you can work on to get the best out of the internet for your business.

Create a space for your business on Google

A large percentage of people now find it easy to search for whatever they want on Google, their interest can be in form of getting a video or a product or services.

Therefore you have to position yourself to be able to be at the front of their screen anytime you need them.

Google My Business is the perfect tool for you. It allows you to put location, hours of operation, phone numbers, photos and even 360-degree image captures of the interior of your store.

Google will always bring out your business anytime people around your location search for your type of services.

Review Your Mobile Optimization

Most people now surf the internet with their mobile phones, therefore, if you really want to get the best of online marketing you need to optimise your website for mobile friendliness.

That is, people coming into the website with their mobile phones can have a great experience.

The Free Test My Site Google Tool will help you to review your website’s mobile friendliness.

Get Information About Customers

You can know a lot about the customers coming into your website by using the Google Analytics tool.

you will be able to see your customer’s demographics, location, interests and a whole lot of information that will help you know how to target new customers.

Learn More Digital Marketing

You can learn a lot about how you can promote your business on the internet by using a free app called primer, primer  is an app that is pre-loaded with 5 minutes videos of lessons and examples of how you can make your business grow on the internet, activity taking is also included.



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