Many business owners are scared of hiring friends and family because of their relationship with them. They prefer to keep their relationship with friends and family than giving them a source of income, which does not have to be so if only you know how to work with them the right way.

We will all agree that it is easier to employ friends and family, but do we know how to make the employment work for our businesses? These tips will help you with employees that are your friends and family.

Define Your Relationship Right From The Beginning

Your friends and family will always look at you informally, to make your relationship work, define the whole thing from the beginning. Make a formal agreement with any one even if the person is your brother. This mitigates any loss of communication or disagreement. Make them know what they are getting themselves into and get them to sign it.

Do Not Automatically Promote

Do not make the mistake of automatically promoting your close employees because they have been with you for a while. This might sound wicked but the fact is you cannot make decisions based on your relationship with the person, rather you are to take decisions based on what is good for your business. Therefore if Uncle Frank is not cut out to be a manager then employ someone that is experienced enough for the position.

Create Space For A Middle Man

You need someone that manages your friend or family in a business, never make the mistake of having to control them directly, most times they might not take you seriously which will limit their performance and what they have to do in your business.

Measure Their Performance Based on Results

Do not make the mistake of assuming that your friend or family is working in your business without seeing any results. Measure their performance regularly and do this only by how successful they are with it. Do not be bias with the way you see these results, because doing that will affect your business.




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