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SME GUIDE: Generating A Productive Business Idea

Stages On Generating Business Idea

Analysis Of Personal Skills
You need to know who you are and what you can do, you need to write out all your skills to narrow down what you need to generate the business idea. There is a post on personal SWOT analysis on SME GUIDE,  http://mobizone.ng/personal-swot-analysis/ you need to check it out to know how to do a quality personal assessment Write out the business ideas that match all the skills you have written out You need to write out all the ideas you can get on the businesses that match your skills, and get the business ideas that match those skills at the highest level, do this analytically. To run the second stage successfully, i have listed some things you can do below;
  • You need to be very inquisitive; you have to become an internet spider. Get in and out of different websites, read through old and new articles and every book you can get. Getting information is actually very easy now, you need to start doing a lot of research. That great business idea is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.
  • Focus on Problems around; Business ideas are thought solutions, focus on the problem to create a solution, gbam!! Thats your business idea. don’t forget to drop your comments and also to read more about business ideas please follow this link to a very informative post on creating business ideas. http://mobizone.ng/how-to-develop-profitable-business-ideas/

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