It is a widespread believe that unemployment rate in the country is at an alarming rate. While it is difficult for the graduates to secure a well-paid job, what will become of those that didn’t attend Tertiary Institution. I would like to inform you that, not attending a university does not brand you as an illiterate. As a matter of fact, a non-graduate who knows what he/she is doing is better than millions of graduates who couldn’t let school pass through them.
Even as a graduate, this article is useful to you especially if you are still job-hunting. There are several things you can do to make money on your own without being held to ransom by any boss.
Freelance Writing:
There are lots of Online News Website that seek writers for different categories. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional writer or attend a writing school (lol) before you can benefit from such feat. You pick interest in what you love, be it sport, entertainment, politics, business, story telling etc and try to develop a writing skill in that field. To build your professionalism, open websites and see how their writers develop stories, write articles. This will help you a great deal.
Depending on the company hiring your skill and your capability, a freelance writer can get up to N30,000/monthly from a company. Now imagine working for say five websites, you will be smiling to your bank account.
Social Media Influencer:
These days, people are making money for fun. Some ladies will have up to 20k, 30k, 50k followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I am happy to inform you that companies now approach such people to advertise their products for them. You can start a career in this field. You have to be social and update relevant contents regularly if you need to acquire follower.
See details on how to make money on Social Media HERE
Graphic Design:
You need to be able to use some basic Graphic packages on PC if you wish to be a Freelance Graphic Designer. Almost every company that advertise via digital marketing requires the service of a Graphic Designer. You can always learn some Photoshop skills online, it is not hard to learn as this will help you a great deal.
Home Teaching Service:
If you are a graduate and still job-hunting, this might be a good service rendering job to take up. You have to be good academically before you can decide to teach people’s daughter. Life is good nowadays, you can make use of the Social Media to promote yourself and there are several Home Tutor Websites out there you can sign up for where you would be contacted if there’s any job for you
Mini Contract Service:
This kind of job is for those who do not have any Crafty Skill but know specialists who does well. In Nigeria nowadays, if you are not born with Silver Spoon and not lucky enough to meet people who could give you a well paid job, it is only those who learn some basic crafty skills such as fashion design, furniture, aluminium, POP etc could make ends meet. You may not hone any of these skills, but you have to have some marketing skills.
You could make a lot of money, if you are able to secure job for those with these skills on commission basis. I know of someone who doesn’t know how to sew a pant but get suits sewing jobs for people. He’s now well known to be into suit business and is making a lot of money in that.
Well, Yes… Everyone is into this and that makes it even perfect. If you are a good cook, you can offer freelance service to caterers who gets a lot of jobs at a time. Most of the established caterers don’t keep many staffs, rather they hire at the point of service. Depending on what you are good at cooking, be classy, neat and ensure you are very good at what you do. One last thing, market yourself well



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