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Simple Ways Not To Get Broke in 2019


Virtually everybody wants to become more financially stable come 2019. Procrastination is a major factor that affects our financial goals. Here are few tips to be financially better in 2019:
1. Invest your spare change. You let go of your spare change because you think its too small to help you invest. However, you can save up those little change and invest them in something small. You really don’t need a huge amount before you invest.
2. Save and invest your unexpected cash. If you have created a habit of spending unexpected cash like money gifts that you receive during your birthday, you need to put an end to it and start saving so as to invest in something tangible.
3. Network, Network and Network!. The people around you also play a major role in determining your financial status. They stand a chance to influence the financial direction of your life. 2019 is another opportunity to meet resourceful people who can help your financial status. Put the opportunity to good use!



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