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Should I go Back to him ? – Relationship Talk With Faith


Dear Faith,

Should I go Back to him? I have been with this guy for almost two years. We met in 2016 when I needed his promotional services for my business. It was an unexpected attraction as we made out the first day we met and things went so heated that we almost had sex.

At the time, I treated it like a minimal problem and didn’t think anything would come out of it, but as time went on he began to act like my boyfriend. He started demanding that I act accountable to him and he needed me to talk to him more than normal.

To cut the long story short, I fell for him so hard I couldn’t help myself around him. We become so close that everyone knew we were together. I met his friends and he met mine. Late last year, I started noticing him posting on social media pictures of himself and one girl. I asked him about it and he denied it. But as a female, my instincts kept telling me something was fishy.

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After much investigation, I was sure he was dating her and confronted him about it. To my dismay, he admitted it and said he loves us both and we both please him in different ways that he is confused and doesn’t want to leave either one of us. I couldn’t believe my ears and I reacted really terribly.

I called him names and told him I never want to have anything to do with him again. Now I’m missing him and he has been calling me. I don’t know what to do. Should I go Back to him? I really miss him.

Dear Reader,

This is quite a tough situation for you. I can understand your pain as investing two years of your life into something is no joke. Honestly, from the above, this relationship is not worth it. For a guy to openly admit to being with and loving another lady to your face, then you aren’t his major priority. Do you think he would tell the other lady about you? I don’t think so.

Never ever accept to be a second choice or one of many options, you deserve better. You deserve a man that doesn’t think twice when he thinks of you. A man that appreciates you and respects you.

It is disrespectful for a man to have a girlfriend and still consistently show off another girl. It just says a whole lot about the current status of your relationship.

The only way this whole thing can work is if he makes a defined decision to pick you. Which would involve totally breaking off things with the girl. Taking down all those posts and declaring you publicly as his girl. If he isn’t ready to do any of these then you need to forget him.

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I hope this has been useful to you. If you have any further advice for the poster please post it in the comment section below.

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