An extremely irritating event occurred as of late in Choba, Obio Akpor neighborhood government territory of Rivers state. A gathering of SARS authorities brutalized a mechanic, Lucky Joseph over the receipt of his telephone.

In a stunning video acquired by PoliticsNGR, 3 SARS men are seen thrashing the 38-year-old repairman. One was seen suing a cutlass to whip Joseph, while the other opened a canister of tear gas in his face and the third held him down.

The tore the casualty’s pants, uncovering his reproductive organs, with one pulling at his m*nhood eventually in the video.

The recording has caused shock on the web. It was additionally assembled that the man separated with N30,000 for before the authorities discharged him.

Video Credit: The Punch Newspape

The eyewitness who recorded the video narrated what occurred that day; “So, I was going to act like this never happened 10 minutes ago. But my inner man won’t let it slide. Some men of the SARS pulled up my street around the University of Port Harcourt and carried out their normal pocket search. After harassing the boys on my street, they picked Lucky (Joseph), who is well known by all. I guess they didn’t find anything on him but a phone. Guess what they asked for, the receipt. Who carries that around? He laughed and the reply to his laughter was a slap.

They started beating him up and… stripped him naked. I felt so bad for him that my legs started shaking when one asked them to shoot his leg before some elderly men pleaded with them. After all these, they extorted N30,000 and they left him. If his crime was that enormous, why not take him to the station? Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. These men need to be checked. Please let’s stop this from happening tomorrow. It’s not you today; it may be your brother, son or father tomorrow.


The victim, however, said the torture had nothing to do with a phone receipt, adding that the policemen beat him up after he refused to enter their operational vehicle.

My boss had paid my salary into my brother’s account because I couldn’t access my account number. I decided to buy a new phone to avoid this in the future. I went to a bank to withdraw some money and was returning when the policemen held me.

They said they wanted to search me and I told them to hold on and allow me to search myself because the SARS men in our area have the habit of planting all kinds of exhibits on people. After they searched me, they found my handkerchief. They wanted to return it when I asked them to hold on. It was while we struggled that three hemps fell from their pockets.

They beat me up with a cutlass and opened a tear gas canister in my face. They pulled me with my manhood and said I must follow them.”



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