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Sharwarma Business is Sweet – See Top Secrets to Run it Successfully


Sharwarma business is undoubtedly one of the fastest selling business in Nigeria nowadays with every junction proving to be a point of sale in Lagos.

Sharwarma is one of the fastest snacks you can get for your girl friend at cheaper rate unlike Pizzas which is more expensive.
You would be shock at the queue at a Sharwama spot especially in Tinubu area of Lagos.

A piece sells between N500 and N600 depending on the location. The location is very important, targeting a very busy area will be of a very good advantage. A bus stop, market place, busy street could be some of the locations to consider if you are to set up a

Anyways, to cut all stories short, getting started is not hard but you would need to learn to properly make Sharwarma so as not to sell poison to customers (Lol! Just Joking). But really, you can really get started especially if you are serious.

A typical Sharwarma machine sells between N105,000 and N150,000.

Other Requirements
Deep Fryer 1 10,000
Electric Cooker 1 4,000
Fry pan and Pots – 15,000
Bowls and Cuttlery – 15,000
Chicken- 10,000
Bread- 1,500
Sussage- 1,600
Vegetables- 1,000
Cream- 1,500
Sauce- 800
Gas- about 1,000 worth
Seasoning- 300
CAC 100,000
Miscellaneous 100,000

Please note:
The prices are not stipulated therefore, you can get them at lesser or higher price. This estimation is just to give you an insight.



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