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Seven Lucrative Businesses You Can Start with Just N100,000


Truly, the value of Naira has depreciated to that level where big money such as N100,000 has no real weight in the market any longer. Although, for so many people, it is not easy to get but if you ask them how much they would need to start a business of theirs, the response will usually be from N500,000 upward.
Have you ever imagined you could start a good business with just N100k? Below is the list of some of the businesses you can engage to sustain your living if you come across N100k.

  • Recharge Card Sales:

This is one of the business with the most turnovers anywhere in the world. In Nigeria, there are lots of recharged cards sellers but most of them lack capital. For recharge cards, the profit is usually low. You could get just N20 after the sale of ten N100 recharge cards, but you shouldn’t be put off by the meagre profit.
With N100,000, you can invest in recharge cards distribution business. Even high competition wouldn’t stop you from making sales because the market demand is greater than its supply. But it requires discipline for you to excel in the business because you will need to plough back most of your profit in the first few months if you wish to expand in real time.

  • Game Center:

You can start a game center if you have just N100k. Although, its a capital intensive business but you can cushion your spending at the beginning. What is most important is getting a space, not necessarily a shop, where you pay a token or nothing monthly (depending on your area). Get at least two fairly used TVs and PS 2 for a start. Also get a generator set and do the wiring. N100,000 would be enough for all of these if your bargaining power is strong enough.
Remember, if you need to expand, you have to be disciplined.

  • Bulk SMS

Some organizations such as schools, churches, political parties, social clubs patronize bulk sms sellers. All you need do is sign up with one of the leading bulk sms companies online and load up to N80,000 credit. Approach these organizations for steady contracts. You charge above the price you buy from the companies, that’s how you make your money. It is a game of number, the more clients you have, the better for you.

  • Snacks Supply

If you have baking skills, you can start your own snacks supply business if you have N100k. Getting a good oven wouldn’t cost you more than N30k. Other equipments such as Baking Pans, Dough Hook, Food Processor, Measuring Spoons and Cups, Mixing Bowl, Pastry Brush, Plastic Wrap/Kitchen Towel, Rolling Pin etc can be cheaply gotten in the market. You would be left with enough money to get the other baking ingredients such as the flour and others.
To be successful in the business, it is not enough for you to just display your ware in front of your house or shop. Approach stores, schools and discuss business with them

  • Laundry Business: The laundry business can be started as a home based business and you’ll require washing basin, drying ropes, working iron and a good ironing stand. Once you have a good space, your next job will be to hire say 2 workers and work on your marketing. With N100k, you can get most of the required equipment for start up.

To conclude, there are several other businesses you can do for a lesser capital but most of these require a prior skill. It is very important to learn to acquire a skill in one of the most selling industry. You will be surprised that you may even need N0 capital to start earning a lot of money.  Click Here to see some of the jobs you can do as a freelancer if you have the required skill



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