See Teams Nigerian Fans Would Support After Super Eagles Exit – After Super Eagles of Nigeria bow out of the group stage of the World Cup following 2-1 loss to Argentina, Nigerians would quickly switch allegiance to other countries. In as much as the club football lovers would wish the World Cup ends as soon as possible, they still have other countries they would wish to win the World Cup and there are different categories of such in Nigeria.

To start with, let’s remind you that we have majority of Nigerians who likes football follow foreign clubs playing in the Premier League and La Liga especially. Now we will group Nigerian support for other nations in this ongoing World Cup according to the different categories they fall into.

  • The “I Like Messi/Ronaldo” Fans:

This category of fans will either root for Portugal or Argentina to win the World Cup. While majority of them may support Real Madrid or Barcelona, we still have other club fans who love either of these players wishing for them to win the World Cup. These two players are undoubtedly the best pair of players to have graced the sport for the past decade. Despite their achievements, neither of the two players have had the privilege to lift the most decorated football trophy which is the World Cup. As the debate about who the Greatest of all Time player is between them, their fans will be so much willing for their loved player to get one over his fiercest rival.

  • The My Club Player Fans:

This set of Nigerian fans would only pick the country where their best club players are representing. There are a lot of Premier League and La Liga players representing their respective countries in this Russia. While some of the countries being represented have crashed out, there are still a lot of them that have made it through to the Round of 16. We will now group them according to which club player represent which country.

– Arsenal Fans: Arsenal fans would most likely wish for England to win this year’s World Cup as they have one of their main strikers, Danny Welbeck in the team, even though he is not the first choice. If England fails, then maybe Switzerland is a better fallback as they have two representatives in Xhaka and new signing Lichtsteiner.

– Chelsea Fans: No doubt, Chelsea fans would only want Belgium to win the World Cup as Hazard who happens to be their best players is the captain of the Belgian national team, also their keeper, Courtouis and striker Batschuayi. They would have wished for Spain but unfortunately, only one of their five Spanish player was called up and it is as good as irrelevant

– Liverpool Fans: Ultimately, this set of fans had only wished for Egypt to do well due to Salah’s presence but unfortunately, they crashed out even before the final group match. The fallback would be for England or Brazil to win. England has their captain, Henderson and young right back, Arnold while Brazil has Firminho.

– Man United Fans: This set of fans looks to have the widest options as they have a lot of their club players still representing their respective countries in the next round of the competition. But, their ultimate choice would be between England and Belgium. England has got four of their player but Lingard and Rashford looks to be their major concern. Belgium have their main striker, Lukaku and controversial midfielder, Fellaini. Also, they would wish France wins because of controversial Pogba even though they are bittered Martial was left out

  • Real Madrid and Barcelona:

Ultimately, Real Madrid fans would wish for Portugal to win because of Ronaldo while Barcelona fans want Argentina to win. In a situation where they both fail. They may both agree on supporting Spain as the team is majorly comprised of both Real Madrid and Barcelona players. Both fans may also wish France wins as Barcelona has Dembele and Umtiti while Real Madrid has Varane. Real fans would also think about the possibility of Croatia winning because of Modric

  • The Samba Boys Followers:

This set of Nigerian fans have been following Samba boys of Brazil for their beautiful football culture and for a very long time. Suprisingly, these set of people just like Brazil and would have even wished they win at the expense of Super Eagles

  • The Bad Belle Fans:

This set of fans do not wish for any of the top teams to win, they would not mind for a country like Iceland win if it was possible. They only look forward to upsets and get satisfied if the favourites lose out.

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